Virtual Toll Booths

What is this?

Everything you need to connect businesses with buyers and take a sliver to deliver.

Coaching, tools, software, support, outsourcing options, live events, and more. 

Why's it called "Virtual Toll Booths?"

Because it's the perfect analogy.

You're building "referral roads" online.

And collecting a small fee, passively, each time someone crosses one. 

How much does it cost?

$1,000 gets you in and funds your first few projects.

But remember:

One toll booth will cover your tuition plus all business expenses going forward.

How do I apply?
You'll speak to a current member.

They can show you some of their projects, answer your questions, etc.

At the end, you can enroll or not; up to you.

Either way, the call will be fun and laid-back.

We will not strong-arm you into buying or do anything douchey.  

You must use this link to get everything listed below.

Do you have any reviews?

Yes, see the case study interviews below. 
What's included?

If you join through the cool orange button below, here's what you'll get your hot little hands on:

30+ Hours Of Video Training

  • Step-by-step
  • ​Granny-proof
  • ​High-definition
  • ​Entertaining
  • ​You'll love learning

30+ Hours Of Audio Training

  • Each video in MP3 format
  • Easy, on-the-go listening
  • Great for cardio sessions
  • Clear, crisp... enjoyable

Custom Call Software

  • Get a local number in almost any city
  • ​Track every email and call you generate
  • ​Automatically forward 'em to any biz owner
  • ​Allows you to charge per lead, if you want to
  • ​Keeps you organized
  • ​Build a smart, streamlined business

Automated Prospecting System

  • Give results in advance
  • ​Stop selling, start serving
  • ​Think: nice lady handing out samples at Costco
  • ​Close deals via email, social media, or phone
  • ​Introvert-friendly, no need to leave home

Instant Monetization Guide

  • Ready-to-deploy strategies
  • ​Repeat-after-me scripts
  • ​Copy-and-paste swipes
  • ​You + this = money mastery

Lead Value And Rate Calculator

  • Cherry-pick profitable niches
  • ​Take the guesswork out of charging clients
  • ​Know exactly what you're worth
  • ​Never get lowballed by tightwads

Pay-Per-Call Income Goal Calculator

  • Plug in numbers, plan your future
  • ​Make success a mathematical certainty
  • ​Scale to desired level of monthly income

Twice Weekly Live Training Calls

  • Ask questions, get answers
  • ​Listen to interviews with top earners
  • ​Discover advanced techniques
  • ​Stay on the cutting-edge
  • ​Pairs well with an adult beverage

500+ Hours Of Recorded Calls

  • No FOMO... if you can't attend live
  • ​Binge-watch/listen to the archives
  • ​It's like Netflix for entrepreneurs
  • ​Hammer home critical concepts
  • ​Eat, sleep and breathe this biz
  • ​Truly become an expert

Time Management Training

  • Stop peeing precious minutes down your leg​
  • ​Graduate with a PhD in GED (Get 'Er Done)
  • ​Find the "big levers"
  • ​Speed up success

Proof Plugin

  • Pop-up shows leads in real-time
  • ​Makes more people take action
  • ​Meaning, more money for you

24/7 Access To Private Facebook Group

  • Never feel like you're alone on an island
  • ​Thousands of students have your back
  • ​Get advice... when you're unsure​
  • ​A kick in the ass... when you need it most
  • ​A good laugh... when you're feelin' down
  • ​Examples... you can model
  • ​Case studies... for inspiration
  • ​Recognition... when you win
  • ​My live streams... to keep you amused
  • ​Your new virtual home
  • ​(Create a dummy profile if you don't use FB)

Invitations To Regional And Yearly Events

  • Handshakes, hugs (once Covid is behind us)
  • ​Energy, excitement
  • ​Business breakthroughs​
  • ​Recharge the ol' batteries
  • ​Forge friendships, partnerships
  • ​Make memories that last a lifetime

Unlimited Tech Support

  • Put down the tech
  • ​Pick up the check
  • ​Nuff said

Free Lifetime Updates

  • Pay us once
  • ​Profit forever
  • ​Should be the last program you'll ever buy

Complete Outsourcing Department

  • Done-for-you whatever-you-want
  • ​Perfect... if you're low on time
  • ​Or flat-out don't wanna do something
  • ​Or you're in a hurry to hit your next goal
And probably some other stuff I forgot.

I Googled "Virtual Toll Booths reviews" and couldn't find anything. What's up with that?

Unlike other shit programs, we don't need to run ads to make sales.

With nearly 7,000 members, almost all new enrollees are from word-of-mouth.

Or via our one approved affiliate: Degree Finders

Our focus is entirely on serving our community.

That's why there's no buzz about us online.

Fair enough. How do I learn more?
Talk to an active student.

See if it's something you wanna do.


Until then, stay awesome: